Tuesday, May 5, 2015

a baby shower for hannah

my baby sister, hannah, is having her first baby in about a month!!! i could NOT be more excited!!!
 my mom and sister in law, christy, threw her a shower this past weekend. it was SO fun!!

hannah with 3 of her nieces...they were so helpful!
there was lots of yummy food...
and fun details...
(christy did this AMAZING drink station!)
i made the cake...who knew i could make cakes?!? i didn't til a couple weeks ago ;-)
but the REALLY amazing part was all the special people that were there!! their love for hannah filled my house. and it's because SHE is such an amazing, precious person.
 my aunts and cousin (and sister and mom :-))


this girl. i LOVE her!! we've known each other since we were in middle school. our history runs deep and true and she's more than a friend. it was SUCH a joy to see her!
 ready for the BEACH!! {it's a requirement in our family...no matter WHAT your age!}

it was just a beautiful day. hannah was gifted so many wonderful things for her baby girl. and it was such a joy to be a part of the day!

i can't WAIT to meet that sweet baby!!! hannah is going to be the BEST mom!


Katy said...

Love love love it all! !! And now you make cakes??? Oh my! ! :)

Alden and Dorian said...

Oh my, what an incredibly special day it was ~ all the dear friends washed "blessings" over us all. What a special day to celebrate Hannah and John's precious new daughter. Thank you for hosting this shower Courtney! It was so fun being at your house. Now....a month to wait....for this precious gift! AND....I get that the pic with Dad hugging Hannah "got" you. Haha ~ John's dad said, "hey, you get to hug her all the time. It's MY turn!" Love!

Ali said...

It ALL looked amazing. The cake was gorgeous!! Hannah looks so great. SO exciting!

Dian Tara said...

It is great! The food looks so yummy.. Is that fried rice? I love eating fried rice, especially the spicy one. How was your baby full month celebration going?