Saturday, April 11, 2015

the rest of them :: grandma and papa spring break 2015!

so, if you're keeping track, we still had 4 kids that needed somewhere to be while pat and i went away for spring break with rebekah and joshua. and my parents agreed to take them for us.

the kids were SO excited!
my parents didn't just keep them for the week...they had an AMAZING time with them...they created memories that will last a lifetime...they had fun...they loved on them...they ENJOYED them.

i didn't worry for one second about them that week. it was wonderful knowing they were in GREAT hands and knowing that my parents were giving my kids a great week AND doing what we'd desire for them to do.
we can't thank my parents enough for giving us this week to take rebekah and joshua on these trips. it was a huge sacrifice for them...that they did gladly and with such joy.


Leighann said...

You and Pat have amazing parents. What a treasure. I loved reading about all the trips.

jenn said...

It was so fun following your mom's instagram last week! I want to be their grandkid! ;)