Tuesday, April 21, 2015

beauty to the core

this eldest daughter of mine takes my breath away. and not just with her outer beauty (although that does, too!) but mostly with her heart. and her spirit.

the way she handled having crutches and a cast for the past month was amazing. she never complained. just pushed through and didn't let it stop her from experiencing life at ALL. it taught me so much! {and she got her cast off yesterday!! she's WALKING!!}
she amazes me. this particular day that i took these pictures (in the parking lot of church as i was dropping her off at youth group - she's such a good sport with her crazy, camera-carrying mom!) i was blown away multiple times. i noticed she was wearing her glasses (she usually wears contacts.) and i asked her why she wasn't wearing her contacts. she said, "oh. my contacts were bothering my eyes this morning, so i just didn't wear them." when i think back to myself at her age, it would have RUINED my day if something was wrong with my contacts and i had to wear glasses. she is so CONFIDENT in who she is, and it's so beautiful and powerful! it challenges me so much!
with any personality, there are weaknesses and areas to grow in. she sure has some with her STRONG personality. but she is SO teachable. when her dad or i guide her in one of these areas, she's so quick to listen, write a post-it to remind herself of what she learned (!! for REAL!) and put it by her bed to remind herself. having a teachable spirit is one of the most beautiful, beneficial things to walk through this life with.
her heart has been broken for haiti and the children she fell in love with there. this past sunday, she told her dad and i separately that God spoke clearly to her about what He wants her to do with her life. the way she looked straight in my eyes...the intensity of her words...the light in her eyes, well, i'm still crying about it today as i write this. to have my child love God with all her heart, to the point that she is willing to do whatever He asks of her, even at the age of 13, could not fill my heart with more joy.

she has spent HOURS this past week, planning and scheming how to get back to haiti THIS summer. she's looked up plane tickets. counted the cost. started brainstorming how to fundraise. pat and i aren't sure if it's even possible...but we aren't about to squash her excitement. who are we to tell her, "it can't happen" "it's too crazy of an idea" "it's too soon"?? at this point we are enjoying her excitement...and trying to ask her questions to make sure she's thinking through every detail. whether it happens this summer or not, she WILL be going back there one day (so will her momma! ;-))

pat says he's always prayed for her to be a "single missionary"...looks like half is coming true already :-) it is such an honor to be this girls mom.


Barbara Cassada said...

It is also an honor to be one of Rebekah's grandmothers!

Andrea said...

This post made me tear up. What a beautiful and amazing young girl!

Ali said...

She IS awesome and I am SO happy that you can delight in her right now.