Wednesday, March 4, 2015

womens retreat

i went away this past weekend. on a womens retreat with my church. it was great. i had a few minutes in our room by myself to eat my dinner (really. it was like 10 minutes. but i'll take it!)
they fed us WELL.
and the teaching and worship were amazing. God revealed things to me about myself and about Himself.
and i got to room with some women that i look up to and treasure their friendships immensely. it was a GOOD break and time away.
but i spent the next day home {another snow day!} feeling frustrated. i want an investment like a weekend away to "fix" me. and it didn't :-) but i've worked through it and am ok now...un-fixed and all.

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Megan said...

If those two roommates couldn't "fix" you then I suppose that God doesn't really expect us to ever be "fixed" in this life. ;-) I am sure it was a blessing for them to room with you too...I pray all three of you precious ladies had a great time!