Monday, March 23, 2015

my baby is going to school!!

we registered levi for kindergarten. can you even believe that?!? my BABY is going to SCHOOL!! i thought i would be sad. but i wasn't at all (now. we were just registering him. maybe it will be different when he climbs up on that bus next fall!) he was SO happy and excited!
we've seen quite the transformation in this little boy in the last couple weeks. we moved him out of the room he and lincoln have been sharing...and into the room that joshua and sawyer share. he is a different child. we thought he was happy and fine before...but he is BEAMING and his eyes are sparkling and he's acting like a 4 year old SHOULD (which also means he's being naughty and doing things he *shouldn't* except i'm glad he is!) we had NO idea. but are so happy for him!!


jenn said...

yay levi! omg - he looks so tall and so old! i can't! xoxo

Katy said...

He is growing up!!!! Its a fun new stage of life you are about to enter for sure!! Sawyer will be so happy for him to join him there!

Barbara Cassada said...

I can see Levi's excitement in his eyes! He has grown so much! Love you, sweetie!
Love, Grandmommy