Wednesday, March 25, 2015

last snow day

this past friday we had a snow day {hopefully our LAST one for this year!!} it snowed a bit...stuck on the grass for a few hours...and the roads were wet. a little overboard to cancel school, but our county seems to love it's snow days.

this was hysterical. rebekah was taking a shower...and couldn't let her texting conversation she enlisted bailey to respond for her. ha! bailey LOVED it.
me and my crew. gosh. i love them. {headed to grocery shop. bought ZERO fish this time.}
that afternoon, my friend, stacey, stopped by. she knew the week had been hard. and she surprised me by coming by just to let me know i was loved. she also brought these. i hadn't been able to eat for a few days (stress) and these broke that cycle for me. YUM!! it sure felt good to just be KNOWN and loved and listened to.

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Barbara Cassada said...

You are a great Mom, Courtney! We are so blessed to have you as our daughter-in-law and mother of our six amazing grandchildren!