Tuesday, March 17, 2015

i might like it a *little*

 i've always been VERY adamant that i'm not a speaker...that i don't prefer large groups...that i'm a "one on one" kinda girl.

and i do think that i'm best one on one. but God has been asking me to step where i'm not the most comfortable and share some things He has taught me. and i had the opportunity to do this again last week.

i had to speak for 45 minutes. THAT IS A LONG TIME!! especially for someone that isn't really "good" or comfortable with speaking.

but i had MONTHS to prepare for this one. and i did. every wednesday night for MONTHS. i was hardly nervous going into it (compared to the last...and first...time when i was so nervous i was about to be sick!).

i had to drop joshua off at baseball kinda on the way. then ran into target for a couple things cause i thought i had like 10 extra minutes..and they couldn't be wasted! then ran into a friend (hi, corey!) then drove to the church where i was speaking but didn't factor in the fact that it was rush hour AND raining. so i was a little late :/ but it was fine.

and i'm super professional...talk printed out with an ink cartridge that hardly has any ink. and a walmart bag to protect it from the rain.
i truly enjoyed speaking to those moms...i have such a passion for moms. we try so hard. we compare so much. but God just wants us to listen to HIM and rest in Him and He will give us the confidence and wisdom we need to mother the children He has given US. i truly wanted to grab the shoulders of each of those women and speak the words He gave me as i looked straight into their eyes. but i didn't have the time :-) and they might have been a little overwhelmed by that.

i don't feel like my humble little life that i struggle through each day is worth sharing about. until i'm reminded that HE has called me to where i am. and i definitely want to boast in HIM and the countless ways He has guided and strengthened and shown me how to live. and how to love. and how to fall on my face...and look up into His loving, gracious eyes. i will continue to share my heart as often as He asks. because it's HIS heart and love i hope to share through my life.


Gail Palmer said...

I am so proud of your heart Courtney. You do have a message because God has given you one. Just keep being faithful and let Him do the rest. Love you!

elizabeth acampora said...

Happy you are willing to share your highs, lows & in betweens with.complete strangers. Thanks!