Friday, February 27, 2015

snow days.

we've had a LOT of snow days already this year. like, so many that i can't bear to count them.

snow days are hard for me. i'm a planner. and a routine person. plus i homeschool 2 it's hard to decide if we still do school (and "ignore" the other 4 kids) or if we push our school back, too. the first few, i tried to still do school. i've given up on that now. it's too hard.

at the end of the day, as i'm falling (or not) asleep, my day always replays in my mind. most days i seem to focus on how i failed. and at the end of snow days, the list is long. the expectations seem so high (from them AND me) and i couldn't possibly measure up. {story of my life. ugh.} but i still try. with all my might.

here are a few of the *good* moments from our snow days. there are plenty of not-pictured moments...crying. complaining. hours of chores. disciplining. hours at the gym to keep my sanity.

i like to let them sleep in til they wake up. which is still pretty early, but it's always a good feeling to sleep until YOUR body is ready to wake up, right?
gave them poptarts in their stockings at christmas. finally pulled them out for breakfast one day. {and cringed the whole time they were eating them. and they were ALL hungry an hour later. good lesson for them! our usual breakfast night not taste as *yummy* but it stays with you longer!}
7 Wonders is the current FAV game. played all day every day.
lots of friends over. at the moment, our house is the place to be and i love it. {although i did put my foot down yesterday and it was JUST us. mostly because one child was causing SO much havoc, that is was embarrassing to his other siblings when they had friends over. but i also just needed a break from other kids for a day.}
surprised their little heads off by taking them to McD's for lunch yesterday. and cringed the whole time at that, too :-) but loved the joy it gave them!
snack: snow ice cream.

seems like our snow days are mostly about fun junk food. i hope it's not really that. ha! i do ADORE my kids and love to be with them. it's just challenging for this routine, introvert of a mom.

come on, spring!! :-)

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