Wednesday, February 18, 2015

lent begins.

"Darkness wants us to live our lives worn out. Rest is holy. Get some." Bob Goff

on the morning of the first day of Lent...the next 46 days are days to press hard into Him. this season has become so sweet to me...I've been aching for it for weeks. it's like i put on a special pair of glasses and my heart sees things more clearly. today didn't go how i wanted...on the outside or in my heart...because...LIFE. but this morning, after running, my kids were still sleeping (and they could cause NO sCHOOL) i read the Word a bit more...then i snuggled in under some blankets and rested for an hour. i didn't strive and get a jumpstart on my to do list. i rested. and all day my heart enjoyed thinking back on that.

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