Tuesday, February 10, 2015

joshua is 11!

his birthday was this past saturday, but we started celebrating on friday! he got to pick the friday afterschool snack, "your chocolate chip cookies".

rebekah had a couple friends over after school and they helped me on joshua's cake!
 all joshua wanted was to do the firepit for his birthday...he had a few friends over and we had the fire going for HOURS.  hamburgers and hot dogs. chips (lime). apples. followed by smores.

it is SO easy and fun to celebrate this boy! he is a joy. he is so easy. always has been. was born ON his due date (still hates being late.) hardly ever cried as a baby. he just came OUT easy. life comes pretty easy to him. he's smart. and thoughtful. and gentle. and peaceful. oh my goodness...the peace he exudes is so attractive. i LOVE to be in his presence! he calms me! he LOVES sports. loves his family (especially rebekah...) he's not perfect, but pretty close to it ;-)
saturday, we did gifts and cake. this $5.99 yo-yo was his FAVORITE present. it hasn't left his finger since.
 his cake request was for rainbow cake...

 happy 11th birthday, joshua!! we love you SO very much and look forward to seeing what the year ahead holds for you!!


Barbara Cassada said...

Happy birthday to our wonderful grandson! We love you so very, very much, Joshua!
Grandmommy and Granddad

Leighann said...

Happy Birthday to Joshua!! Seeing this post and the one about basketball (heck, all of them) makes me sad we live so far apart. I see the kids all growing into such wonderful human beings….. so blessed to be able to visit you here. :)