Saturday, February 14, 2015

bailey's birthday party

in case you're a bit confused, it's not anywhere near bailey's birthday (it's in september) but we are finally getting around to having her party. this girl has been very patient with her crazy mother and family.

she was so easy to plan a party for. wanted only a few friends (so it wasn't too crazy). wanted it at home (i offered a "place" to go - to make some craft or something...but she just wanted to be at home.) wanted to paint nails and do hair and just "hang out" together. so that's what we did.
but first, this was SO hard. the party started at noon. only 3 girls were coming (at  her request). but 1 of the girls' mom was in the hospital so she couldn't come. another was coming late (basketball game) and the other read the invitation wrong and came 30 minutes late. so..she stood like this for 30 minutes and my heart was about to DIE for her. but...once they got here it was all forgotten (at least for her! i think i got some new gray hairs!)

first, we created.

best.picture.ever. i LOVE it!
lunch was spaghetti, mozzarella sticks, breadsticks and fruit.
then we did hair.
i gave them 3 hairstyles to choose from. they all chose the same one.

then key lime pie for the cake (she doesn't like cake.)
man. it was SO fun celebrating this girl!!

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