Friday, January 23, 2015

last reader!

when rebekah was about 2 1/2 years old, i was in a couple play groups with other moms and their toddlers and they started talking about preschool. like, waiting in lines at 5 am to get a spot in a preschool. for a YEAR from when they were signing up. i just couldn't EVEN. i couldn't even think about it. (nor did we really have the money). so...i made the decision at that point to just do preschool with her myself. i mean, i WAS a teacher, certainly i could teach her how to write her name and what the alphabet was? at the time, i wasn't making the decision for ALL our kids for ALL the years for our WHOLE life. just for rebekah when she was 3 years old. we have reevaluated with each kid each year, and just never felt like the added schedule and money was worth it for any of our kids to be in preschool.'s looked a little different with each kid, but i've "taught" preschool to each and every one. i will say, there is a preconceived idea with the elementary school that children that didn't go to preschool come into kindergarten NOT ready. but the kindergarten teacher that had EVERY single one of my kids has told me that they HAVE been ready (yay!)

levi has been working hard and he just might be the hardest kid i've taught (seriously). but he is making progress (trying to convince myself...)
i used this book with most of the kids (not lincoln. we were just trying to teach him how to speak ENGLISH! and bailey couldn't handle how boring it we did something else...wrote letters in glitter and such :-)) and i could not love it more. definitely a wise use of $15! i used the SAME book with all the kids!

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Alden and Dorian said...

And what a GREAT job you've done with each of your kids Courtney. You do it so well and they ARE ready for kindergarten. You are gifted. I also love how you get each kid and what they need to learn. Your life will look quite different soon..........yep it will.