Wednesday, January 7, 2015


the weekend after christmas was spent connecting. deep. hard. good.

for the most part, our family LOVES to all be together all the time. there are moments where this drives me nuts. and there are moments where one of us goes off on our own (me the most, rebekah second, and sawyer/joshua third) but we are glad to come back once we've had a little alone time!

we played games and did a big puzzle and watched movies and cleaned and it was just good.
sunday, pat and i went out. it was a very intentional date day/evening. we spent the first few hours staring at this:
our christmas budget. line by line. and our 2014 budget. month by month. line by line. and our 2015 budget. every detail. it was good. not the most "fun" thing. but if we want to be wise and use our money WELL for HIM, then this is good. really really good. i'm so thankful to be married to a man that knows how to handle money well. (and i'm sure he's thankful to be married to me- who just wants to give it all away ;-)) we balance each other out - ha!

then we went to a movie (unbroken - SO good) and dinner. it was a GREAT date day!


Courtney said...

Stephen always tells me we would have far more money if I didn't give it away all the time! :) ha!

Casa Colibri said...

My husband feels the same way about me. :)