Monday, January 5, 2015

christmas eve!

we got to host christmas eve for pat's whole side of the family (aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, dad, sister...)

but FIRST we had some prepping for christmas day...wrapping our gifts for jesus (more on that tomorrow!)
dough making...
and some game playing - i even managed to PLAY with them!
AND did the girls hair.

these were my fav.
the kids spent DAYS coming up with a, choreography, jokes. it was amazing! this was their dress rehearsal.
pat worked that morning and got home about 5 minutes before his family arrived. we took the opportunity to get a few pictures while we were all dressed in *nicer* clothes.
this is as good as it gets with this crew. don't mind levi being suffocated.
and a silly one.

pat's immediate family came over a couple hours before everyone else (his parents and sister and her family) so that we could do "christmas" with them.

then everyone else showed up! pat and i LOVED being able to host this year! we always get together with this side of his family on christmas eve and it's the only time we see a lot of them.

the kids got a little shy before their show...but all pulled through :-) it was pretty incredible. and i can say that because i had NOTHING to do with it. it was ALL them.

we cheated a little and got chipotle for dinner. but i made all the appetizers and desserts! (and NO ONE complained about the dinner options ;-))
the star of the night - our niece, abigail. isn't she adorable?!?
i LOVE having my home full!
pat and his sister.

pat's whole family!
it was SUCH a sweet, fun, full day. we all went to bed happy (and tired!) and so excited for the next day!


Courtney said...

i've been not-so-patiently awaiting your updates about Christmas! hooray!! LOVE that y'all had chipotle. Genius and YUMMY! Merry Christmas!

Barbara Cassada said...

Courtney, Pat, and precious grandchildren, we absolutely loved our time together on Christmas Eve!!!! It was one of my most favorite times together with our family!!! Thank you for hosting it!!! The grandchildren's show was extra special!!!!!
Love Always,
Mom and Dad