Monday, December 15, 2014

they are their own people

pat and i feel a bit in over our heads with these 6 kids of ours.
we adore them. and are overwhelmed by them. and, with each year they get older, realize we can control their actions less and less. we pray for them. and laugh with them. and are amazed by them.

{this picture kind of has something to do with this post. the other week, joshua came up from the basement with these. he had come up with the idea to have a paper football tournament with his class at school. all his idea. he had the kids in his class "sign up" if they wanted to participate. then he made a bracket on the computer with those names. and then made these 2 trophies for the winner/runner-up. i was amazed! they ended up doing multiple tournaments because the kids loved it so much :-)}

between christmas and new years, pat usually works less hours than any other work week of the year. we try to take advantage of that time by having some DEEPER conversations than we are typically capable of at the end of our busy days. this years topics will be: our children.

we so desire to parent them well. we know we won't get it all right, but we have a renewed fire to point them to Christ and help them to be the men and women they are capable of becoming.

do you have any books, articles, verses, ANYthing to recommend along these lines? any advice? how do you not get overwhelmed to the point of doing nothing most days (or is that just me?!?) 

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Alden and Dorian said...

You are doing a great job ~ you and Pat. Just keep doing what you're doing. Continue to be the example, use words, and love them to death.....but remember....the end all is "making their faith their own".....and keep remembering that is the Lord's HIs time, not ours. His spirit will continue to knock on their hearts. We parents can't do that. Pray. Love. BE the example. AND the rest is between God and each of your kid's hearts. (P.S. If there is something you feel like you "forget" to do with the really won't matter...God does His work) Thanks be to God.