Tuesday, December 16, 2014

JOY to the WORLD!

i just can't stop this season. it all feels so NEW and FRESH and full of LIGHT! hallelujah!!

the other day, i was sitting in "my chair" and looked up at my favorite wall:
 and thought, "JOY to the WORLD!" that needs to be hung across this map of the WORLD!

then i had to move on with my day. but i started brainstorming. i didn't want to spend ANY money. i wanted it to stand out, but the map was already so colorful........

this is what i came up with. it cost me NO money. and 30 minutes of time. seriously. i put dinner in the oven, set the timer for 30 minutes, and it was done by the time dinner had to be taken out. these pictures aren't great, because it was dark outside...but i have to take the time when i can get it!

scissors. chalkboard contact paper that i had. chalkboard paint pen. hole punch. twine.
i never measure. i just cut a length of contact paper.
 then cut THAT into 3 strips.
 then cut those into 5 equal-ish rectangles.
 then cut the bottom of each like a pennant.
 then wrote the letters!
then hole-punched the top corners, strung it on twine, and tied the twine around the nails that were already in the wall to hang the map! DONE! i LOVE it!


Casa Colibri said...

I love this!

Alden and Dorian said...

Boom.....once again AMAZING! Thanks SO much for giving the instructions ~ it helps us who aren't so creative to realize maybe we CAN do some of this CUTE stuff.

Courtney said...

absolutely love it!! (and will likely copy it at some point) :)

Ali said...

you are cracking me up :)
You should leave that up all year long! LOVE it!

Ammanda said...

Saw this on Nesting Place and had to check it out. Absolutely love it! Simple & meaningful - great idea!