Friday, December 19, 2014

gingerbread houses

i finally have figured out how to make gingerbread houses as simple as possible.
i hot glue the houses together. each child gets a little house (made with graham crackers.)
i buy a few bags of candy. and a couple tubs of white icing.
i walk around and ice a side of their house at a time, they put the candy on.
they had fun. i was in a bit of a funk that day (the day after my 2 talks..and hosting a big party the night before. i think i was just exhausted...physically and emotionally) but we did it.
 and it's interesting to watch their personalities come out as they consume them. they can eat their candy whenever they want. 2 little boys' houses were bare within 48 hours. the other 4? they are enjoying them little bits at a time.

i loved joshua's icicles :-)

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