Wednesday, November 12, 2014

back to my world

getting in around midnight on sunday night made my reality slapping me in the face bright and early monday morning a bit painful. but pat had done laundry and there were still a few groceries left so we were at least able to get up and started on our days.

then it was to school, and schooling those 2, and grocery shopping and wading through all the mail and email and piles of stuff.

and orthodontist appointments.
and homework. and i just ADORE that they ALL are mostly in this space all afternoon (unless it's nice enough to be outside. then they are OUTSIDE! either by their choice or by my INSISTENCE!)
sidenote: i used this book (Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons) with all of my kids. actually, i can't remember if i used it with rebekah. i definitely used it with joshua...he did every lesson like he WROTE the book and he LOVED it. i did some of it with bailey, but it's a bit "old school" and she needed more frills and color so i supplemented. lincoln? nope. just trying to survive each other. then threw him in school and hoped for the best. he did AWESOME at learning to read. we'll leave it at that. sawyer? i think i might have tried? i can't remember because...LINCOLN. and now it's levi's turn :-) he's doing great! (we're on lesson 6. of 100. i'll get back to you! ha!)
 this space. every morning the counter is clear. and every night it is clear again, but all day long it is FULL OF LIFE and i try to not let it drive me crazy ;-)
 sawyer was in a veterans day show at his school. and our favorite veteran came!

it's been a bit of a blur of a week. but i'm so very thankful for the life i've come home to.

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Alden and Dorian said...

You are blessed with your world dear daughter. :)