Wednesday, October 8, 2014

we are home

we went to haiti and back.
THANK YOU for your prayers. they were felt and answered.
flights went smoothly. all our (your!) bags of donations made it. no one got sick.

i have so much to share. it was an incredible time for me. for pat and i. for our team.

but i am trying to adjust back to life here. i'm trying to mother my children and feed them and walk around in this life we've made for ourselves.

we have so much, but have to lean in so hard to hear God amidst all the noise in our lives.
they have so little, and God powerfully sings over every moment of their lives.

God has put me here.
and He has put them there.
i won't stop begging Him what it looks like for us to have more of what they have and for them to have more of what we have. and for us to love each other through that exchange.
He will answer. and so will we.

our hearts and hands are open wide.

{they had never seen or played Memory. this was his JOY at making a match. :-)}


Rachelle said...

Thank you for sharing this. You said what's in my heart about us having more of what they have...I look forward to more of the story of your journey.

Barbara Cassada said...

Courtney and Pat, God is smiling down upon both of you saying, "Well done my faithful children!" Love you both, Mom

Leighann said...

The look on that boy's face is priceless!