Friday, October 31, 2014

matt foley in my kitchen

when we were sitting on the couch last night for the first time together all week, he mentioned that he might dress up for halloween when he went to work. he was throwing around some ideas. i was nodding and saying, "that would be fun." when mostly i was SO tired and my brain wasn't functioning. this is our norm and it's annoying and makes me sad and tell me we're not the only ones. please.

anyways. i'm spinning around the kitchen this morning, finishing up lunches to be thrown in backpacks and crafting a *special breakfast* because IT'S HALLOWEEN! and all.

and i look up and see this.

this guy is amazing. he's beyond stressed out at work. stuff at home and our ministry work is stretching us beyond what either of us can do.

and yet he can always dig a little deeper and pull something like this out. i don't know how he does it. but remembering him standing in my kitchen like this this morning has made me laugh til tears were coming down my face multiple times today.

and the kids faces?!? ohmygoodness. i wish you could have seen it. they could NOT believe it. remembering THEIR faces makes me laugh all over again!
i love him.

{for those that didn't know us way back then, pat used to do a skit in college dressed up like Matt Foley from the movie Tommy Boy. it's kinda infamous. maybe i can figure out a way to get the video of it on here?? he's weirdly amazing at imitating it. anyways. that's why he just had all this stuff in the back of the closet to pull out...}


Beckysblog said...

And one of my favorite characters.

Megan said...

That is so funny! And who says CPAs have no sense of humor??!? :)

Alden and Dorian said...

Oh I love so much about this post. That Pat did this on his own. That after 6 kids and all that stuff he can still be spontaneously funny. That he got you ~ made you laugh. That he shocked the kids with his silliness, and lastly gave you laughter all day. AND made us all laugh. Thanks Pat for a GREAT day for all of us.

Barbara Cassada said...

We all love him!!!! Pat loved Tommy Boy as a your post, Courtney, brought back lots of happy memories for Dad and I!!! Thank you for sharing and making us laugh!!!

Six In The Sticks said...

When I saw that picture on FaceBook *I* laughed out loud! I don't know Pat personally, but I do feel like I used to know Matt Foley personally (lol) and to randomly see that picture gave me a really good laugh. I love that you guys have a sense of humor! :)