Thursday, June 26, 2014

our house and our last evening

our sweet house...
the girls bedroom.
the kids bathroom.
family room and dining room. the girls room and kids bath is through that hallway on the left. joshua's room is right behind the dining room table. the 3 little boys rooms is to the right in the very back corner, and pat and i's room is also to the right, through the hallway you can see behind the chair on the right.
joshua's room (the couch pulled out to a bed and the 3 little boys doorway...)
joshua's room :-) he LOVED sleeping in here alone!
there was a trundle under the bunk so they each had a bed!
our room.
and bathroom.
for our last evening...we wanted to eat at the same restaurant we had for father's day. there was an hour wait. so...we ate dessert BEFORE dinner!

a little storm passed through...and then a double rainbow! what a way to end our week!!!
our plan initially was to drive back ALLLL day saturday. 15 hours. but on thursday night, we decided to leave on friday night and drive through the night. we'd never done that before. but the traffic coming down was so miserable...we wanted to avoid summer interstate traffic..

so...we had been on the beach ALL day. packed up (and cleaned ourselves up and the house!) from 4-6 pm. 6-8 pm we went to town and did ice cream and dinner. and at 8:15 pm we drove out of seaside, florida.

it was a LONG drive home. but 3 less hours of driving time on the way back since we had no traffic!
i can't really say it was good to get home. the week that was looming ahead was going to be busy and stressful and there was nothing about being in seaside with my family that made me anxious to leave. but life can't always be vacation...i guess...

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Courtney said...

the house!!!! ahhh!!! how excellent!!! did you use a specific rental company? how did you know where to stay?