Tuesday, May 20, 2014

so many blessings

we had a great weekend.

started with ice cream and sprinkles for snack on friday :-)
friday night joshua had a make-up game.

then saturday both joshua and sawyer had games. plus a long run. yard work. and a list of other chores. it was a busy, full, good day.
joshua pitching.
watching their big brother pitch.
i love this one.
sawyer "pitching" - they don't really pitch because they hit off the tee, but he gets a lot of action when the ball gets hit!

pat needed help, so joshua was the 1st base coach :-)
saturday night GOOD friends of ours came for dinner and to spend the night. we've been friends with them since we both got married. they were in our small group for YEARS and we all had kids and learned how to be parents (and spouses!) together. megan and i spent so many hours together...walking and talking and laughing. i love her to death.

they are moving to australia this summer to be missionaries there...to spread the word of God and to help with translating the Bible into languages for people that don't have a Bible in their language. we are SO excited for them...but so sad to have to miss them!
we took this picture around 11 pm right before we went to bed...but i'm still glad we did!

they have ALWAYS loved and encouraged us so much...we will miss them greatly.
sunday. pat, joshua and sawyer went to the Nationals game for Little League day. they got to parade around the field before with their teams. so, it was "just" me, my girls and my african boys :-) while the boys rested, we had some GIRL TIME in the front yard! put out a blanket, got some froyo, grabbed a book and laid there and talked and read for 2 hours! it was SO fun!
we all went to bed tired and happy after a great weekend. counting our blessings for SURE!

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