Monday, May 5, 2014

let's just live outside!

it was SUCH a gorgeous weekend! and we took FULL advantage of it!

friday evening began with joshua riding up the road to his baseball game on his BIKE! bat bag over his shoulder. most of us headed up there shortly after to watch him play...
against my better judgement, i spent most of the evening making a balloon arch (bailey helped me!) for a fun run the next morning.
i WAS able to get to the last inning of joshua's game (was literally SPRINTING from the car to the field.) and got to see him pitch! (that's a big deal in case you didn't know.)
got the kids in bed. and then one of my favorite parts of the weekend happened.
in the dark, pat and i walked the fun run course because i had to mark it. with sidewalk paint. we looked super sketchy with a flashlight and paintbrushes, painting the sidewalks and trails for 2 1/2 miles. but i was so thankful that he helped me do it!

the next morning was crazy and we went in different directions. pat and sawyer went to his tball game. the rest of us went to the kids school to get set up for the Fun Run.
that balloon arch was not floating anymore. i almost had a breakdown. but pat suggested tying it to that playground, which is what we did. it wasn't OVER the finish line, but it still looked fun!

the finish line was around the back of the school, on the track...
the start line was at the front of the school...then they ran around the neighborhood and came back to finish on the track.
warming up :-)
they are ready to run!! we had 80 kids (plus their parents and some siblings!!)
i started the kids in a few waves (so no one got trampled) and then i ran about a mile to get to a point that 1/4 mile from the finish line. i waited and was going to finish the race with whoever was the first runner. i couldn't believe it when joshua was the one that came around the corner first :-)
i ran with him to the track. but he wanted to run the track and finish by himself. i loved every BIT of that...that he pushed himself to win, and that he wanted to finish on his own! (and that rebekah was the one handing out the medals was the cutest, too!)
oh yes, bailey ran it, too!
the finish line!
while that was going on, my parents (and pat's parents!) were cheering sawyer on at his tball game. my mom took this most PRECIOUS picture...look at sawyer looking up at pat!

my parents tracked us down at the school...and surprised us! they helped me finish up at the school and get lunch packed to head to joshua's game. pat went golfing for a friend's 40th birthday for the rest of the day!

this girl is SO SO helpful to me. and so gladly!
my dad keeping levi entertained while we pack lunch...
and back to the ballfield :-) joshua as catcher...
i don't even know why i bring my chair...i can't sit down!
the grandpa's :-)
my dad with sawyer
the boys had QUITE the spectators that day!
got a couple chores done before heading out with pat to a surprise birthday party for a friend that night. which we sat outside for a few hours and enjoyed people we LOVE and celebrating a friend we love.

after church on sunday, we had some nice naps (ahh!) and a long family walk/bike ride and then good friends came over for dinner (still going strong on our burgers - last night was #11 - it had dill on it and most of us liked that!)

it was a full, good weekend. and now to begin the month of may. this month is crazier than december, i think!


Andrea said...

I agree with you. Between teacher appreciation week, end of schools performances and sports...this month is just crazy. Have a fun month!

Ali said...

It doesn't even look like anyone came close to beating Joshua! Way to go!

I am glad the run went well. I am sure you are glad all the planning is over!

Yes I am also bracing for May.