Thursday, April 3, 2014

he thinks he's on tv

TRUE conversation with sawyer yesterday.

first, some background:
we were walking home from school.
he was talking about his tball practice that afternoon..he was so excited about it.

pat is coaching his tball team.

sawyer: are you coming to my practice?
me: maybe
sawyer: i don't want you to.
me: why not?
sawyer: because i want to eat dinner with dad. i want you to eat dinner while i'm at my practice.
{he's watched joshua and pat get to eat dinner, just the 2 of them, at the kitchen counter after other practices and he must think it looks pretty special and fun :-)}
me: ok.
sawyer: and you can just watch it on tv!
me: WHAT?!? your practice is on tv??!
sawyer: yep
me: what channel is it on?
sawyer: 5 - 7 - 1 (which is ESPN - well, one of the 10 ESPN channels.)

oh my goodness. i laughed SO hard. he literally thinks his tball PRACTICE is such a big deal that it's on tv! i love it. LOVE.IT.

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