Friday, April 4, 2014

a boy and his cars

sawyer was lining up his cars the other afternoon.
i noticed as i was walking by, and stopped, and sat.

he looked over at me and smiled the biggest smile. just because i was there.
i stayed and stayed. it was hard (i hate to admit how hard.) i thought of 14 things i could jump up and do "real quick." but i didn't. i sat there. and we sorted. and counted. and i just watched. and smiled when he looked up at my face. every time he looked up, i was looking at HIM...not my phone and not my list. {towards the end i DID get up and get my camera! i had to capture it ;-)}

one day {too soon} i'm going to wish for these moments back. i just know it.

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Holly said...

hilarious...another friend of mine just posted a picture of her daughter lining her SHOES up this way!