Monday, March 10, 2014

reading machines

these pictures make me SO happy. it's no secret that i LOVE to read. i am usually reading at least 3 books at the same time.

all of a sudden, reading has "clicked" for Sawyer. and he is CONSTANTLY asking to read me a book! i try to say "yes" as often as i can!!

and this guy. he read his first chapter book this past week. in 1 day. 130-ish pages. amazing. but his FIRST choice to read? the Bible. he just finished reading Job, now he's starting John.
{i have to be honest. while i'm SO proud of him and LOVE that he is reading, this picture makes me sad. because he was sitting next to me while i responded to a couple emails. because he HAS to stay right next to me always. everywhere. because he can't be trusted to not be in our sight at all times, not even while someone quickly uses the restroom - then he sits on our bed or his bed. it makes me sad. because it means he misses out on time with his siblings and other fun things. but it's where we are. in some ways he is truly a 6 year old, in other ways he's a toddler and must stay super close to us. none of it feels easy or "normal", but we trust that it builds security and trust in his little heart and soul.}

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Hi Courtney, This story from This American Life might encourage you! It's about an adoptive family that used a very similar technique to help their child The end always makes me cry happy tears!