Tuesday, March 25, 2014

lemonade for water!

this past saturday was world water day. as you know, i had been raising money and awareness for it all week. while i was running saturday morning, i had a GREAT idea!

my kids had been asking for MONTHS to have a sale to sell all this junk, i mean, amazing stuff, they had collected from around our house. they wanted to have a sale and then use the money to throw pat and i a birthday party (our birthdays are both in april.)

SO sweet, right? except the stuff was seriously trash. and not much of it. i couldn't bear to let them try to sell it and make like $.46 total. so i kept saying, "no" everytime they would ask to do their sale.

so here was my idea. we do their sale on saturday, PLUS have a lemonade stand with some baked goods. whatever they made, pat and i would match. the amount they made would go to world water day, and they would get the same amount to throw us a party.

fun, right??

we got to work! i was amazed that i had the stuff to make cupcakes, brownies AND lemonade!
he's amazing at cleaning up after himself, without being told!

it was a little crazy, trying to make all the stuff, let it cool, ice it. amidst baseball practices and such. but we did it!

friends stopped by (thanks to me putting it out on facebook!) and were so so generous. as were MANY neighbors!

they made $123!! WAY more than any of us expected!!! and as we were working hard in our yard, people were also giving online. i had a goal to raise $1500...and passed it and made a little over $2000!

over $70,000 was raised in the fundraiser i was a part of last week for clean water. and it is all getting matched! SO many people are going to have jobs AND clean water thanks to so many generous and hard-working hearts - including my amazing kids! it was a special day for us all!

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Leighann said...

You are teaching them so well to be thinking of others. I love you guys.