Thursday, March 6, 2014

just a wednesday afternoon in march

my neighbors are constantly having to let me know our car door is open. again. :-)
he had to shovel some ice off the driveway to get it completely clean. but he wanted to play basketball! {baseball practice starts on saturday!}
"hurry up and finish your snack so we can play!"
she is working on her second book. the first was about horses. this one is about puppies.

he has sensitive eyes like his mom. HAS to wear sunglasses on a day like this...with the bright sun reflecting off the bright snow! {THANK YOU for coming out, bright sun!!!}


Holly said...

I've been just as behind on posting as I have reading. I'm all caught up now...feel like I just sat down and had coffee with you!
...or frozen yogurt...whatever!

Amy said...

I had Rise and Shine (gym duty) at school the other morning. A 3rd grader came in and told me that the door to our van was open. :)