Thursday, February 6, 2014

this place

um. the last few months have been such a whirlwind. like, crazytown. it's felt kinda like that picture up there. the holidays. deciding (and starting! and continuing!) homeschooling. kitchen remodel. floors and stairs in our main floor re-done. my mom's 60th party planning. i've been definitely pushed past my limits. i got to the point where i didn't even know where my calendar/planner WAS and just hoped i remembered where i needed to be. i lived hour by hour and couldn't even BEGIN to think to the next day. each day had enough of it's own. it was a bit freeing, in a weird way. i couldn't CREATE stress for myself, because there was so much going on, i had no extra minutes or energy or brain power to do so.

but now our kitchen and floors are done. and my mom's party is over (sad!) and, well, i'm still figuring out homeschooling but i don't see that changing anytime soon.

life is slowly, slowly getting back to "normal." but all the balls i dropped or was ignoring are all in my lap now and i've been a bit overwhelmed.
 i hope to get back to this place. to writing and processing here. i miss it.

but i'm a little obsessed with cooking and baking in my new kitchen and have spent a LOT of time doing that this week :-)
and, AND! tomorrow is a special boy's 10th birthday and we have some celebrating to do!!!

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Holly said...

these pictures are making me twitch....'cause I get it! hang in there - YOUR KITCHEN IS LOOKING AMAZING!!!!!