Thursday, February 27, 2014

sweet potato and ground beef pie

you all know i only share recipes unless they are amazing. well. this one was AMAZING. like, i wanted to stick my face in it and eat it ALL kind of amazing.

here's the recipe.
i tweaked things a bit for our taste.
instead of broccoli, i used diced zucchini.
and no mushrooms.
mozzarella for the cheese. (i could have done without the cheese, and it would been 100% paleo, but it helped my kids like it better.)
it was so delicious. and so yummy. and i'm SO glad there is 1 serving of leftovers for me to eat!!!


Mandy said...

yay! a NEW whole30 recipe! thank you! i will be trying this.

Holly said...

this WILL be happening....that looks sooo fun and so versatile

Henry said...

Thanks! I'm working on this week's menu right now. Going on the list!

Jennifer said...

So DO you have a mandolin? Or did you just cut your sweet potatoes as thin as you could?