Tuesday, February 18, 2014

more sledding and a fun burger challenge!

sunday was full of fun. again. these kids have had some FUN days!

bailey and i went to one of our favorite places. row upon row upon row of books makes me GIDDY! as much as i've missed rebekah, it has allowed for some special time with bailey - and i'm thankful for that!
we took the kids to a new hill (to us.) since the snow was a few days old, it was super icy and super dangerous. we didn't stay long. but will be back when we get some fresh snow! it was a great hill!
pat had to stand at the bottom the whole time and catch the kids so they didn't smack into that concrete wall...

for dinner that night, we started a new challenge! i saw this link on pinterest to a list of all these amazing burgers from "the cheese and burger society". i can't figure out WHAT it is, doesn't seem to be a restaurant? but there are 30 burgers listed and it describes them each in detail. so we are going to make and eat them all and decide which we like best. that night was #1; the "Casanova". there was ham and swiss cheese and mushrooms. we all liked it! (a few could do without the mushrooms, but we all ate them!)
i'll keep you updated on future burgers! :-)

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