Wednesday, February 12, 2014

good to remember

i walked into the study, and both girls were watching the video of when we first met lincoln and levi.
bailey had a kleenex in her hand. and was crying.
i chose to stay and watch. there have been times when i couldn't. when it was too painful. and all i could do was keep moving forward...looking back and walking that road that brought us to "today" was too much.

but i do think it's good to remember. there are SO many times in the Bible where God TELLS His people to remember what He's done. it is a good thing for very forgetful people. it was good for me to watch and watch the journey that got us here...a journey that He clearly set us on. it's not an easy one, and it's changed and scarred us all, but He is in it and He is good. ultimately, i pray that HE is shown and glorified through it. may the rest fade away into the background...

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Alden and Dorian said...

How touching this is. I'm sure she gets it a little more now that she's a little older.