Monday, January 27, 2014

the weekend

i haven't done a great job documenting our life in pictures lately.

but here are a few to re-cap our weekend.
friday night rebekah had a sleepover at church (!!), and pat and i cancelled our plans, put the kids to bed, and i poured out my heart and cried and asked pat to "fix" me. the poor man. goodness.

saturday was a long run, some basketball games, sawyer's first EVER friend birthday party (we'd been counting down for 18 days. since he got the invitation!), lots of work done on our kitchen, both sets of our parents stopped by (what FUN that was!!) and pat and i went out with friends that night.
sunday was a new routine with church (loving the reason WHY but not sure our family can do that long-term. the jury is still out.) and then, after naps for ALL of us, an afternoon of games. went to a new burger place for dinner.
and the hope of a "regualar" school week ahead made the whole thing just a little brighter :-)

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