Thursday, January 30, 2014

one on one

when we were weighing the pro's and con's of me homeschooling lincoln back in november, there were very few con's. which is why i am doing it. but one of those con's was the time i would lose with sawyer.

i always try to be intentional with my kids.
their kindergarten year is a sweet one for me. they go to kindergarten in the afternoon, and it's my last year to have them home for those morning hours. i have lost that (it feels like) with sawyer because for most of those morning hours, i'm doing school with lincoln.

he seems ok. but his world is really the one that has been effected the most by me homeschooling lincoln. so i try to be intentional and get some one on one time with him every few days.

between the kitchen and ALL the kids being home from school for the WHOLE month of january (i'm not yelling. just talking. really.) it had been awhile since we had some mom-sawyer time.

i sent lincoln and levi off to play and pulled him into the study to do his homework the other morning. he asked if he could do it while he sat on my lap. i realized in that moment that he needed some time.
so after he was done with his homework, i asked him if he wanted me to read him a book. he said, "no." ?? and then..."i want to read YOU a book!" and he did. we read the first half right then. and then i had to do school with lincoln. we finished the second half that afternoon after school. it was slow...but so so precious.

{hidden blessing of the mirror that is supposed to be on a wall sitting on the floor in the study - caught a fun picture of us from 2 angles! never mind the plastic taped up in the doorway. and the coats and gloves on the floor because we can't even get to the hooks where they belong...ahh, the chaos that we are living in makes me CRAZY!}

he read that whole book! and was SO proud! and we got some good time together. i think we BOTH needed it.

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Holly said...

he is so precious!!!!!! I wanna eat him!!!!