Thursday, January 16, 2014

keeping hearts first

we have chosen to do this renovation. it's a HUGE blessing to be able to do it. and when we decided to go for it, i started praying that we'd keep the hearts in our home first. and then "details" after that. pat and i are BOTH "type A", motivated, driven people. this comes in handy in lots of ways. but when there are tasks or "to do" lists to be finished, we both very easily push hearts aside and put our blinders on and heads down and just focus on the task at hand.

thankfully, in *all* our maturity (ha!) we now KNOW this about ourselves AND each other and can call each other out on it.

i KNEW this renovation would challenge this dynamic and weakness in us greatly. and it has.

the first week we both failed. big time. {the snow days didn't HELP me out at all!} but, no excuses. hearts didn't come first.
this week has been better. the details will wait. they will be there 30 minutes later. i'm looking into precious eyes and hugging their sweet bodies as i walk by and listening to them tell their very important stories with true interest.

tuesday was our first "hard" homeschool day. i think that's pretty good! 5 weeks in and we had our 1st hard day. i'm so very thankful to have so many friends that homeschool and told me what to expect. i knew the hard days would come. and so when it did, i freaked out for a few minutes, and then their words echoed in my head and i realized it was going to be ok. and it was. again, in my maturity (again, ha!) i think i finally know myself enough to know to keep things SIMPLE in homeschooling or else the priorities (HIS heart) will get mixed up. he is a SMART cookie and i truly enjoy doing school with him. i don't think either of us dreads it and that is a HUGE blessing!
the sunshine is out today and i'm thankful. and ready for spring...


Liza said...

I DO think you are mature for recognizing that quality in yourself (being Type A) and I love your description of "putting on blinders and just pressing ahead..." because I see the same (sometimes good, sometimes bad) quality in myself. I'm inspired to be intentional about focusing on matters of the heart and people before "to do" lists. And I'm ready for Spring, too :)

Ali said...

I failed miserably at this yesterday and today. Basement construction got the best of me for sure. ugh! thanks for reminding me not to lose focus.

Holly said...

with ya...just with ya..