Tuesday, December 24, 2013


so we basically knocked it ALL out on saturday.

but first, a 12 mile run in a tank top and capri's?? yes, please!!
next. decorated our sugar cookies. sprinkles were flying everywhere.

how i'd love to know what was going through my head (thanks to rebekah she took some pics with me in them :-))

who IS this girl? she's grown up before our eyes...
next up...(after lunch and some rest time) gingerbread houses!

our gingerbread village!
our rule is you can eat it anytime you want (a couple have to ASK so that i can make sure they are eating THEIR house) until it's gone.

got the mail in the midst of it all. and got a SWEET gift that i put RIGHT on my body.

next up...went ice skating (just these 3) and enjoyed the beautiful lights at this town center...

it was 70 degrees...so the ice rink was a HUGE puddle! when they fell, they were SOAKED!
 ( i love their relationship...)

drove around and looked at some christmas lights. and called it a DAY! whew!

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Amy said...

You look so much like Bailey in that close up picture!! Love Joshua's mohawk! :)