Thursday, December 26, 2013

monday - movie day!! (dec 23)

this was such a fun day. for me.

i hardly ever get to do the super fun things for my kids. if we are going to do "fun" (which usually equals costing money), we do it together...OR pat does it with some of the kids and i'm usually home with the smaller kids.

so...the movie Frozen was out. a number of people said it was GOOD. our movie theater is $6/ticket if the movie starts before noon - which is WAY cheaper than usual.

i decided to take them to the 11:30 am movie.

we went to the gym. the movie theater is right next door. and when we walked out, i kept walking to the theater instead of the car. their faces were PRICELESS!! i LOVED surprising them!

i had packed our lunch. which we ate in the parking garage - ha! (NO buying the theater food. sorry. can't do it.)

then off to the movies! the movie was SO good. it was so fun to hear my kids laugh their heads off. every single one of them. oh, made my heart so happy! we bought a couple of the songs and they've been played...and sung a LOT. :-)

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Courtney said...

YES!!!! What a wonderful treat for your kiddos...and for YOU! And what a WONDERFUL movie- redemption, grace and a fantastic twist on the "love" and princess stories. I am not typically a "disney princess movie" fan, but this one blew me away.
We've also been playing a few of the songs non-stop. Can't. get. enough.