Tuesday, June 25, 2013

finally feeling it

it's finally feeling like summer.
and i'm finally ok with it.
i wake up excited for the day instead of expecting it to be so hard and long.
i'm enjoying my kids instead of just managing them.

it only took almost 3 weeks...but i'm thankful!
{don't get me wrong. i still get frustrated. a lot. and they still bicker and complain. a lot.}
but then they go and do things like this. they made a "tent camp" in the living room.
it is amazing!
bailey came up with the idea. then the rest joined in.

each tent has a different purpose.
and rules :-)

saw this pretty idea on pinterest last night. and did it this morning while they played outside.
we've been doing 1 craft a week. this week's craft is going to take multiple days...it might even be next week's craft, too. that's ok!
we only did step 1 today. there are a lot of steps.
waiting patiently for his turn :-)
and always being a goofball...
rebekah was the photographer for most of these!

i am so thankful that i get to be a mom. and that i get to stay home with them...especially in the summer.


Michelle H said...

I love the tents!!! My favorite is the reading tent! How awesome are your kids! Happy Summer!

Holly said...


Alden and Dorian said...

Love this post ~ love that summer has calmed...and that you enjoy the day as it comes! Love Bailey's outfit. Noticed: Quite a few of the rules were "no talking"! Ha! Can't WAIT to see the craft complete. Happy Summer!