Tuesday, March 20, 2012

World Water Day is on Thursday, March 22!!!

there's new stuff to share! you are going to want to be a part of this!
just to remind you. here are the facts:

Tragically, 1/3 of all wells drilled in the last 20 years are now broken. Often there’s no tools, spare parts, or trained mechanics to fix them.
OUR HUGE GOAL: empower 186 people to become well mechanics in India. Every$550 we raise helps one mechanic receive:
*Training classes
*Tools and spare parts
*A one-year stipend to help an entrepreneur launch their business.
And here’s a really cool part: One well mechanic will care for 50 wells which will ensure clean water for 5,000 people!

THANK YOU THANK YOU - everyone that has given, and bought shirts and bought cookies!
we have REACHED our goal - but it doesn't look like it yet
want to know why?!?

ON world water day, an organization has agreed to MATCH every dollar that is given up to $25,000!!!!!!

that is HUGE!

at the end of world water day, we could have $50,000 for fixing these wells! 

so, i've been saving our money from the shirts and cookies and will be giving it on thursday!

if you've given - thank you!

if you haven't, would you consider? even just $5! your $5 turns into $10 - just like THAT! BUT, only if you give on thursday! ok?? (it IS tax-deductible!!!)

it's going to be SO exciting to watch the numbers grow all day long that day....

love God. love others.

when we love others, we are loving Him. 

no matter which way you look at it, THIS IS LOVE - caring for others!

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