Thursday, August 18, 2011


the kids spent quite awhile staging an ambush on pat when he got home from work.
got their nerf guns all loaded.
planned it all out - even drew the plan out in chalk outside while they were playing earlier that afternoon...

he was surprised. classic that he's ON his blackberry as he walks through the door.
lincoln was NOT so sure about it. went right over to pat and was trying to protect him :-) he was slightly confused. but, then everyone was laughing...he still wasn't sure about it. he must think we're nuts.


Leighann said...

at least i'm not the only one whose husband is glued to his blackberry on his commute home.

Kim said...

that is adorable. the girls like to hide from scott when they hear the garage door open and then he goes and finds them. it is this crazy ritual that they do each night and i love it. but i can't tell you the number of times that the girls have heard the garage door and then gone and hid. and it is so quiet (and i am enjoying the quietness) and then pretty soon one of them comes out after about10-15 minutes and asks, "where is daddy?" and i open the door to the garage and scott is sitting in his truck either talking on his phone or replying to emails on his phone!