Monday, August 29, 2011

first day of school:: 2011-12

both girls asked for pigtails this morning.
no one seemed very nervous. mostly excited! that helped...

we had cereal for breakfast. and then the WHOLE cassada clan walked up to the school!

i forgot to wear my sunglasses..AGAIN! every year i forget! and then the tears aren't hidden!

 hugs and kisses and "good-bye's" all around! i couldn't say "bye"...there was a huge lump stuck in my throat!

just as bailey was about to walk through the doors, she turned to us and SCREAMED, "wait! where am i supposed to go?!?" it was SO funny and SO bailey. rebekah pushed her along and said, "come ON!" SO rebekah...
walked back home. pat left for work. and i had 3 little boys running around, arguing, asking for snacks.
i had a little cry-fest. none of them noticed.

then, i started "school" with lincoln and sawyer!
lincoln is going to kindergarten 1 year from today. and i have to get him ready.
he isn't going to preschool. none of my kids have. but i've always taken it one child at a time...if a child needed it, i would have sent them. i wasn't sure what i was going to do with lincoln. but, someone asked me what the main reason for NOT doing preschool with my other kids had been.
my answer: because i wanted to spend more time with them

and, as much as i might love a little break from that sweet guy, we have 4 years to make up for!
so...he will be home with me and we will do school!

levi wasn't too happy about it. this will be the hardest part at the beginning...but he will learn.
these 2 LOVED it!
{it was only 15 minutes this first day. we read a Bible story. we drew a circle and a square and i wrote their names for them. the end.} but, then, later, they were drawing circles in chalk on the sidewalk and so proud of themselves! love that!

we are making it through our first day of school....ok. off to pick up the kids!!! whoo-hoo!!!


Katy said...

I was thinking about Lincoln too. Hard to believe its only a year away!!! Glad the kids were excited and you made it thru!!! Hope they tell you ALL about it!! (And I'm sure you are very aware but this is rebekahs last year before middle school. Argh!!!)

Maggie said...

Lol love the sign above the fireplace. Looks familiar...

Anonymous said...

You should home school your kids since you love to be with them so much and you could also teach them about Jesus during the day. My Fathers World is a great home school curriculum.

Maggie said...

Or you could let your kids be salt and light at the public school.

Courtney said... if you don't have more to do, but I'd sure love to hear more about what you do for "school". Maybe you've blogged about it in the past...I can't remember for sure. We're keeping Berkley home this year & I'd love to do some school with him (even though he's only 2), but also don't want to push him. If you have a chance, I'd love to hear more about what you've done in the past. If not- no big deal! ;)

Carrie said...

Great job, Courtney! You just simply rock!

Cassie said...

wow. joshua has changed SO MUCH this year!!

Megan said...

Love the first day of school photos...nice coordinating back packs!