Monday, August 15, 2011

crazy start...but it's going to end AMAZING!!!

my facebook status at 9:30 am:

4 mile run, scary rash/fat lip on lincoln so an emergency dr visit that turned out to be "just a virus"?!?, jillian workout, a couple temper tantrums, fixed rebekah's sewing machine, took joshua on in foosball (i let him win ;-))...just a normal monday morning around here :-)

the rest of the morning consisted of a party put on by the girls for joshua. just because :-) there was bead necklace making...and the little boys were allowed in their room and got to play with THE CASTLE! they were in heaven!
then...a friend stopped by with lunch for EVERYONE! she set it all out, i got to talk to her while they all ate, and she cleaned it all up! AND she left this enormous chocolate cake! SUCH A HUGE BLESSING that was! lunch is pretty stressful around here...what a gift!
AND...i'm about to BURST because something BIG BIG BIG is happening tonight. i still can't tell what it is. you'll probably have to wait until tomorrow to hear/see all about it. but it's going to be AMAZING! and it's going to be SO good for my heart!


Katy said...

what a GIFT!!! God BLESS that friend for loving your family in that way! I LOVE it!!! :) And totally can't WAIT to hear about tonight - my interest is totally piqued!! :) (and what did joshua think of the show the girls put on? :)

Megan said...

What a cliffhanger...I am totally trying to figure it out!

Christy said...

Ohhhh i MISS YOU!!!!
Love you friend and LOVE seeing all your gorgeous kiddos!!!! XOXOXO

scooping it up said...

what a wonderful act of service. so glad you have friends taking care of you and your brood. can't wait to hear about your night!