Sunday, August 7, 2011

away with rebekah

we had such a great time together!!!
i did have an "agenda" for our time together - but fun was on the agenda!

to have the "talk" - i used a book called passport2purity.
it was awesome. there are 5 sessions - all on cd...covering the things you think it does, plus peer pressure and dating. it was perfect. good discussion questions. good humor. it felt "light" even when it wasn't. yet, she could TELL it was something REALLY special. each session was about 1 1/2 hours long - which includes a talk, a {great!} object lesson and discussion questions. we spread the sessions out over out time together.

other than that, we went out to lunch {pat and i each wrote her letters. and she read them over lunch at pei wei. i thought my heart was going to explode watching her read them.}

we shopped!
{i was struck in our time together at how she would jump back and forth between "little" girl and "on the verge of teen" girl. here we are being a "little" girl in the NEW american girl doll store at the BIG mall!}

listening to a session with a bag of candy on our comfy beds in our hotel room! :-)
we went out to dinner - and she wore a NEW outfit we had just bought! the greeter when we walked in the restaurant went on and on and on about how "stylin'" rebekah was...and even talked to her as we walked out! rebekah's smile was adorable!
i made this face right when she snapped it. i loved her giggle when i did that.
walked around.

shared a cupcake
went back to the room and ordered {a REALLY expensive!} movie on the tv - she LOVED that!
i told her she could wake me up at 8 am if i wasn't awake.
she woke me up at 8 am :-)

we got up and went for a run on the trail
ate breakfast in the hotel
then finished our sessions and got ready to go.

it was a perfect time together.

came home to a crew that was VERY excited to see rebekah.


Holly said...

perfect!!! I can't wait to do those with my girls!!!
(I bought Lydia that same tank top for her birthday outfit and I bought the sweater you have on in teal ;-)

Ali said...

awesome. i am glad it went well and was a sweet time for both of you. praying the info sinks deep in her heart!

Judy said...

Love Passport to purity!!! Great stuff.
Our church does a Passport to Purity weekend for moms and Daughters. Based on your experience do you think it would be more fun to do in a group or just alone like you guys did??

Molly said...

What a special weekend for you and your daughter. Thank you so much for sharing and taking time to blog about things you are passionate about. Love the idea about the Passport to Purity, never heard of it but my daughter is getting almost to that age. How old is your daughter? Molly

Tracey said...

I see your Gussy wristlet!

I'm so glad you girls had fun, what a wonderful way to teach Rebekah how special she is to our God.

Katy said...

What a precious weekend for yhe two of you. Those memories will last a lifetime!!! I'm thinking there were people excites to see you when you got home too!! :)

Katy said...

What a precious weekend for yhe two of you. Those memories will last a lifetime!!! I'm thinking there were people excites to see you when you got home too!! :)

Kim said...

so fun, glad you had a great time. what a a special time you could have with her... pictures so cute also

Mandy said...

this is awesome. awesome. awesome.

Megan said...

So glad you had this special time with Rebekah! I know it will be such a sweet memory for her, and was such a great thing for her to have some undivided mommy attention!

Judy said...

While living in Bolivia, South America 15 years ago, I had a "weekend" very similar to yours....Both of my girls couldn't wait for "Aunt Martha" to arrive, so marked a special time we could spend together as mother and daughter. We went to "Michelangelo" for Lasagna, stayed in a fancy hotel and spent some Mother-Daughter time together. These are days I remember! How can it be that one of daughters is old enough to have a baby herself?

Regan said...

I'm so happy for you both. What a great weekend together!