Saturday, July 9, 2011

wed nite swim meet

i'm not sure who was more excited about the swim meet this past wed night - the kids swimming it, or me??

brothers waiting...

it was pat's 2nd day back at work. he got home from work, changed and we hopped in the car to go to the swim meet. in hindsight, i think it was a mistake for lincoln's sake. swim meets are CHAOTIC! and his world is still not "normal" to him. it wasn't a good evening for him. i can tell it in his eyes in this picture.

we eventually decided to take the younger 3 home, and i went back to watch the rest of the swim meet.

we aren't perfect. we make mistakes. but we are trying to do our best to love and care for and give attention to all 6 of our kids. not an easy task!
sawyer and this little girl are the CUTEST together! her brother was on joshua's baseball team this past spring - so they played together for HOURS at the baseball field. now they get to do ring around the rosie at swim meets :-)

she LOVES swim team. makes me SO glad we did it even with being gone for half of the season!
joshua was in a relay! he did GREAT! (yes, it's dark...)
bailey is doing swim team, too. but she hasn't been in a meet yet. hopefully this coming wednesday she'll be ready! (NOT the time for me to force anything...she loves going to practice every day. and if that's all she wants to do, that's fine by me!)

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Katy said...

courtney - did you hear yourself? you said "i could tell it by looking in lincoln's eyes"! SEE - you are getting to know their hearts! I love it. you are NOT perfect - and you are going to make mistakes - but i do the same thing with my kids. sometimes i don't realize it wasn't a good idea until after the fact, and you adjust for the next time. You ARE getting him!!!