Monday, July 4, 2011


not sure when things will truly feel NORMAL around here.

but...everyone slept til 6:30 am today.
AND i just got back from a run with my ladies!

i'll take that for now...

pat's at the gym.
when he gets back we're going to brave the pool with 6 kids :-)


Katy said...

I bet it felt so good to run with the girls again. I know they loved having you back! It's a new normal I think. The pool will feel great! I'm dying to hear how Lincoln and Levi will like it.

Kim said...

please rest for awile, get back to normal time changed and all.
have a good fourth. hope they well like the pool sure well...
Love you guys kim

Kelly said...

Wow!!!! I'm impressed they all slept until 6:30! Awesome! We are praying for you guys.

Also...we are out of town and that is the ONLY reason that we weren't at the airport on Saturday. I can't wait to see you!

anthonyandbeth said...

Yay for running with your girls! :) can't wait to hear about the pool! So many FUN things you get to introduce them to! hole you can find an extra hand to take a few pictures :)

scooping it up said...

normal takes six months. don't you read adoption blogs??? ;)

beckley said...

wow. that's impressive. you got up and RAN?!

I know it's not an easy life, but I love your life.
{Sorry, that got a little Jon&Kateplus8. =) }

Looking forward to hearing how the boys are adjusting and what they think of their new room and house and food...I bet your smile is something their hearts have long sung for-

shalom be yours amidst the transition-