Sunday, July 3, 2011


there will be multiple posts to capture yesterday - the day we came home.

none of the pictures are mine. people are emailing them to me (if you have some, i'd love to have them!!!)

i just love the above picture of my dad.
he worked SO hard to make our arrival perfect for us. so hard. THANK YOU, dad!!!

we felt SO loved as we arrived.
i will NEVER forget that moment! walking through those doors and hearing the screams before i even saw anyone.
it was amazing.
SO many precious people to us were there.
the PERFECT ending to a LONG LONG night/day


Katie said...


Katy said...

Oh you 8 are so loved! It was such a joy and privilege to be there and be part of your special day. Will send on to you the pics I have as well. Have been praying that your weekend has been filled with rest and joy!

Mommylove said...

Sorry we missed the arrival, but so glad you had such a welcome!!! Sounds like night #1 was a success and pray "normal" and "happy" are part of every day words now!