Thursday, July 7, 2011


i'm done for today. but it's only 2 pm. ummm...

first dr appts for both boys this morning. i was wise enough to have my mom come watch the other 4.
but still, 5 shots for each boy PLUS a tb test.
pee in a cup for lincoln.
breathing treatment for lincoln. which he did "dying duck" the whole time because he does NOT like to be held still (i think it made him breath deeper, though. plus, right?)
levi had a cathetar to get a urine sample. he loved that.
i have a kit to get 3 separate stool samples from each boy. AND i need to take it to the dr office within 2 hours of collecting it. :-)
tons of prescriptions for labwork that needs to be done.
lincoln needs to have a breathing treatment every 4-6 hours until his follow up appt on monday. which i can't fill the prescription for because our insurance is slow to update them in the system.
i think that's it??

i need to do SOMETHING to get through the rest of the day.
maybe a good cry?
or a nap?
or a mike's hard lemonade :-)

ok. i'm going to be thankful.
thankful that we HAVE insurance.
thankful at the confidence i had in the doctor we saw.
thankful that lincoln did as well as he did.
thankful that levi let one nurse hold him while i held lincoln when he got his shots.
thankful for my mom's hug when i got home.


jenn said...

i'll have something to make you smile in about 84 minutes...

jenn said...

btw. you are a rockstar :)


Ali said...

that is some kind of morning. ugh!

Holly said...

oh girl.

Katy said...

that's nuts. especially the part about 3 separate stool samples from each of them. are you kidding me? and you have to drop everything and run the samples to the lab within 2 hours? insane.

Kim said...

we were gone for a 4th of july vacation and we just got home. i just spent the last several minutes catching up on all of your posts. beautiful and lots of tears streaming down my face. and i can't even imagine the overwhelming feelings that you must have. and all of that about hannah was amazing too. and i am praying for you right now. and praying that you feel a renewed sense of strength and praying that you can get through the next several hours. hang onto Him. you guys are amazing

Katy said...

okay i just read hannah's post from her first 24 hours in guatemala. totally lol over here. she is hilarious. way cooler and WAY more adventurous than me!!!

Megan said...

preach it. dude. doctors visits are the worst.

Carrie said...

Be encouraged! You are loved and prayed for near and far.'re doing amazing!

Megan said...

i want a doctor that comes to my house. btw. and the insurance thing. a mess.

Laura said...

My advice: Take every bit of help that is offered to you as long as the offers are coming!! It is God's way of keeping you sane during these first few months. Every little detail that is done by someone else gives you a chance to focus and rest when possible.

beckley said...

mike's hard lemonade with a shot of espresso.


i second the rockstar thing.

hope you made it.
i'm stressed out of finishing client proofing after a few weeks of rain piled my clients on top of each other. So, I'll go ahead and shut up now with my absurd whining =)

much love.
grace and peace be with you-

Christy -N- Phill said...

Keep your head up Courtney. We are still praying for you and the adjustment. It will all be worth it in the end to know everything is just fine with the boys :-) Love you all, sending love and hugs to all 8 of you!!

anthonyandbeth said...

wow. can only imagine. thankful you didn't have all the kids with you!!! tomorrow HAS to be better, right? :) you are doing GREAT!!!! our pastor is always saying, just take the next step...whatever the next step is. and that is what you are doing. just taking it step by step. :) the weekend is almost here and you will have your man home!!! that always helps too. :)

Peyton said...

wow, is it bad that I laughed? but I totally feel your pain, it's such a horrible morning that it is almost funny. I love you, I think you are incredible. I had to collect my great dane's stool last week. so I can sort of relate? :)