Sunday, October 17, 2010

our weekend

we're going to start out with friday afternoon.
by the hour.
{don't worry. i won't go through the whole weekend by the hour}

4:30 pm:
{on a typical sunny friday afternoon, they would be outside. but after going through all their papers from their folders, i looked around and this is how i found them}
the girls were making a book together {see rebekah's new book? Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. she got it for her birthday. it's the book i've been reading for months...but for young adults. it's the exact same devotion...not changed at ALL...the book just looks more fun! :-) she loves it and reads it often.}

and joshua was in the office reading. he LOVES to read. and he laid there and read that WHOLE book!
5:00 pm. i knew we were going to have a late night. so i asked bailey to rest in her bed for 30 minutes. it took her about 2 minutes to fall asleep :-)
5:30 pm:
our local high school homecoming parade.
it was so cute!
they threw candy out to the kids {i knew they would...but didn't tell them...their faces were PRICELESS!}
went home and got pat
7:30 pm: high school football game!
sawyer had NO accidents on friday!
even with all that fun!
it was so cute to watch rebekah with her friends
{at the last game she walked around with them...she wasn't able to at this game because of some choices she made this week. by the look on her face when her friends walked up the first time, it was the PERFECT consequence. painful for me...but good for her.}
after a GREAT 11 mile run.
3 soccer games.

the "spectators" :-)
pat helping rebekah practice for being the goalie in her game
bailey's game:
their favorite part!
snack and drink after the games :-)
{whew! it was windy and cold! my body was HURTING after running that long and then standing that long...}
rebekah's game:
she is a GREAT goalie!
she's in the blue shirt...picking up the ball with that yellow girls' foot WAY too close for comfort for me!
brave girl!
came home and regrouped...and then headed out for an afternoon/evening of fun!

first stopped at a "fall festival" at a nearby shopping center.
it was pretty lame...but they did get to paint pumpkins for free {yay wegmans!} so it made it worth it.

i don't know what happened.
but sometime between this and eating a quick dinner at Moe's {rudest customer service!} and arriving at the farm, i was in the more annoyed mood! it was bad. i was so snippy with everyone. annoyed with all their voices. it was ugly. thankfully, pat was there and i tried my best to just keep my mouth shut and follow along.

the farm had a GREAT corn maze that we walked through...
sawyer had a few accidents soccer and at the farm. it frustrated me. but i also should have expected it. it's a lot to manage him plus trying to do what the other kids need/want. i feel like everyone has sacrificed this past week for sawyer to be potty-trained and we needed to focus on them and not him.
and then we did smore's at the farm by the fire! :-)
it wasn't quite the experience we had last week...camping...with our tents a few steps away...but it was still fun!
rest time
had some one on one time with rebekah - went for a walk together. she's so great. and it's a hard year for her...she's growing up. things are getting harder and issues are getting bigger. i'm not ready. but i'm also trying to embrace it. she is so beautiful...inside and out.

then went for a walk to the creek before dinner.
bailey is one crazy girl!

hair cuts for all the boys rounded out the day...
and NO accidents today for sawyer!
crazy week ahead...and lots going on in my mind and heart...{what's new, huh??}


Katy said...

sounds like sawyer is well on his way!!! it's funny to me to see a post with your kids in winter hats and jackets one day, and then the next day they are in shorts and tshirts and playing in the creek!! :) Sounds like a FUN weekend! (and i emphathize with the long run and then heading straight to the field and on your feet for the next few hours....we've done the same thing the last few weeks with football. UGH!)

Tammy said...

sounds like a fun weekend! you guys always have full but fun days. love it!!