Monday, October 11, 2010

our camping trip - sunday

he watched everyone else do it all weekend...he had to give it a try!
after our yummy breakfast sunday morning, we had a little worship service.
pat did the toothpaste lesson's one we could all hear every day...
it's easy to squirt the toothpaste out.
but it's NOT easy to put it back in the tube - just like the words that come out of our mouths!

we sang a couple songs
then we took family pictures before we packed up and headed out.
the miller's.
don't you love joshua's socks? :-)
this just might be our christmas picture ;-)
oh! see the bag bailey is holding?? the girls used berries and water and made paint! and used sticks to paint with it. i mean, really?!?
the lee's.
ok. story.
when the lee's were setting up their tent on friday afternoon, ken said, "um. i can't find the poles."
kathleen laughed.
thinking he was joking.
he wasn't.
thankfully, jeff had brought an extra tent but it was SMALL.
so, noelle slept with us (since we had TONS of space!)
and the other 4 lee's slept in the smaller tent.
the guys called ken, "poles" the whole weekend.
and this is the picture with their tent with NO poles.
the henshaw's.
it was an amazing weekend.
just amazing.
i can't think of anything that could have made my first camping weekend better.
the weather was perfect, the food, the company, ALL the kids got along SO was just great.

i'm kinda thinking maybe i should never go camping again because it will never be as good :-)
just kidding...we're already talking about making it a yearly tradition.

but that shower NEVER felt so good! :-)

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Megan said...

I love getting to see who is in your new shepherd group...I never had remembered to ask. The Lees were in our Shoaff parenting houses...such a nice couple! So glad you are connecting and growing together!