Sunday, October 3, 2010

fun fall craft made for a perfect afternoon with my kids

he did participate for a few minutes...but mostly he ate pumpkin muffins :-)
i got this idea from meg.
if you don't read her blog, you must. she's real and creative and beautiful and has the best ideas and recipe's and is funny, too!

first we drew trees (just the branches) using pencils, then went over the lines with oil pastels.
then we used watercolors to fill in all the white spaces between the branches.
my "kelly days" of painting came in handy...i had all this stuff in my craft closet!
the kids really got into it.
love the tongue :-)

rebekah kept going back to the pics on meg's blog and copies the colors on one of the examples.
aren't they great??
i finally replaced the frames in our hallway...they had the pictures the kids drew of our family 2 summers ago!

i made one, too.
can you tell who's is who's??
(bailey, me, sawyer, me, joshua, rebekah) :-)


Courtney said...

Hi Courtney,

I found your blog through one of my neighbors and have been following it for a while. I love the crafts you do with the kids. I've started jotting them down in a notebook to do with my daughter who's now 2 1/2. This fall craft, is definitely one that she and I can do together, thanks for the idea!

You and Pat have a beautiful family and I love reading your posts!

Holly said...

we did that exact same craft on Thursday before I left ;-)
surprise surprise!

jenn said...

super cute!